We have listed just a few of our most commonly asked questions.  If you have a question that is not found here or have a question on the answers below, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. Absolutely all questions are welcome!

When is the office open? Sargent Wealth Management is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm. We encourage appointments and can be flexible, if necessary. The offices are closed on holidays as determined by the New York Stock Exchange. Click here for a list of scheduled holiday closings.

Have you noticed the various bank names on the last page of your monthly statement?  For clients who are invested in the “multi-bank” Insured Sweep Program established by Janney, this program contains a number of participating banks which can be reviewed on our public website at www.janney.com. Your deposited cash balances will sweep nightly to one or more these banks. The total number of banks to which balances sweep will be determined by your total balances. Your Janney monthly client account statement will list the banks your balances swept to during the previous month’s activity.

Whose social security number does Janney report on a joint account for tax reporting purposes?  Tax reporting will use the social security number of the primary account owner (whoever is listed first on the joint account).

How do I make a gift of stock from my account? Gifting shares of appreciated stock (that have a low cost basis) can easily be transferred directly to charitable organization(s) of your choice.  Please contact the organization to obtain their delivery instructions which we will need in order to complete your request along with a signed Letter of Authorization from you.

How do I make a charitable gift from my IRA account?  If your tax advisor has recommended making a charitable donation from your IRA, please contact us so that we may prepare and send to you the appropriate forms for your signature.

How do I access funds from my account?  There are several ways possible to access funds from your account.  Please contact our office at 866.624.8181 to:

  • request that a check be mailed to the address of record for your account 
  • set up electronic transfer between your Janney and your bank accounts
  • complete an authorization form to transfer funds within your Janney accounts

How do I sign up for online access?  Click on the blue Online Access button on the tool bar and click here for instructions.